What is it? Answers 161

Thursday, March 15, 2007

927. Wire winding tool for making springs, patent number 861,283.

928. Span wire clamp, for holding a stop light or street sign.

929. Calipers, could also be used as a compass, patent number 1,731,954:

930. Used when adding oil to a car or tractor, it held five cans and ensured that all of the oil was drained from each of them.

931. Aerial spacer cable insulator, allows the running of a three phase line in a minimum amount of space. The hook on the bottom left is hung on a steel messenger cable and the conductors are placed in the large inner grooves, with the small outer grooves being used for tie wires. Other similar spacers can be seen here.

Marked "Diamonite Co., Shreve, Ohio".

932. Poison bottle, this article states:

To distinguish them from non-lethal products, poison bottles were made unique and dramatic in color, texture and shape. Colors like cobalt blue, honey amber, black, and emerald and several other shades of green were used to ensure they stood out from the other bottles on the shelf.

Poison bottles were also designed with unique textures: latticework, raised ridges, dots, diamonds, horizontal or vertical ribbing, or hobnails. Also, embossed lettering warned, "DEATH," "POISON," "POISONOUS," or "NOT TO BE TAKEN INTERNALLY."

More photographs of them can be seen at the Antique Poison Bottle Hall of Fame.

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